In-depth Training (8 Minutes)

An interactive program with step-by-step audio video instructions on 15+ inhalers.

  • ​Teach you the correct breathing technique for your inhaler
  • Show you the correct steps of using your inhaler
  • Provide you with a interactive quiz that will help you avoid mistakes during inhalation
  • Help you to practice your breathing and inhaler technique using your device camera


In-depth Training Demo

This video demonstration shows different tools that are available as part of In-depth Training.



What am I getting in an In depth training?

In-depth training is specially designed for YOUR inhaler
- Get a cool- 360 animated view of YOUR NEW INHALER,
- Check how you breathe while using your inhaler
- Use your inhaler step by step with onscreen instructor and camera
- Take the audio-visual quiz and share the results with your Physician

Why I need an In-Depth Training to use my inhaler?

1. To ensure you are not among the 70% of patients who use their inhalers incorrectly
2. To avoid medicine wastage
3. To save your inhaler cost
4. To get effective results from your inhaled medication
5. To reduce your frequent hospital visits

Will I have to visit my doctor's clinic to take this training?

You can take this training from the comfort of your home or on the go with our unique access anywhere and on any device feature.

What are packages and how to use them?

Packages help you choose how many times would you like to view the training. If you want to try the training out you can purchase the basic package of 1 view. If you desire more views you may purchase Package 2. There are no time restrictions for both packages.

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