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  • Your “Inhaler Buddy” that guides you every time you use an inhaler.
  • Designed to overcome the challenge of remembering medicine intake with inhalers.
  • Provides Step-by-step instructions with custom reminders and dosage tracking.
  • An effective inhaler management tool for people using inhalers.

About Assist Me with Inhalers app:

For better treatment outcome, manage and improve your inhaler technique by using this app.

  • Step 1: Select your prescribed inhaler from the list of inhalers.
  • Step 2: Personalize the dosage reminder.
  • Step 3: Get audiovisual instructions for each inhalation step.
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Assist Me Screen 2
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  • Improved inhaler technique with better retention
  • Increased medicine outcomes from timely compliance
  • Save time and cost using correct inhaler technique.
  • Reduced medicine costs and ER visits in the long-term.